We have an extensive prototype workshop with two CNC routers, laser cutting, lathe, circular saw, bandsaw and 3D scanning.

If required we can work in your prototype shop or studio to help make or build-up prototypes you may have ordered from other manufactures. This is of particular use if you're in the middle of a 'last minute rush' and need some extra capacity.

Prototype Flower

This flower formed the centre piece of a range of perfume displays we developed. It had a brass coloured centre to the flower and couldn't be spray painted. The solution was to make the centre in ABS for plating with an inner and outer dome which would trap the petal shaped acrylic using a threaded brass tube and disc. Male and female dome tools were made for the acrylic which was drape formed and pressed to shape. The small domes were made as an internal and external tool to allow for a highly polished surface to be metalised